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About the Show


            Welcome to Sportsman's Adventures—Florida's most popular fishing show. Join South Florida fishing guide and tournament professional Capt. Rick Murphy as he shares his knowledge gained from a lifetime on the water with viewers across the Southeast. Utilizing the top fishing guides, Sportsman's Adventures will show you how, where and when to catch more fish, whether you're fishing your home waters or traveling to a new location.


            Utilizing innovative production techniques along with Emmy award-winning videographers and editors, each episode of Sportsman's Adventures brings the viewer on board as we learn how to target and catch Florida's premier gamefish. From the Florida Keys, Panhandle, the Bahamas and more, join Capt. Rick Murphy for non-stop fishing action in some of the world's top inshore and offshore waters.


            Each episode features tips, techniques, locations and all the little idiosyncrasies for targeting specific gamefish, allowing you, the viewer to learn from fishing professionals that have spent a lifetime pursuing these species. Through non-stop action and beautiful cinematography, we'll take you to the fish, so you can get a feel for the experience at home, then apply what you've learned the next time you go out on the water. So get ready to fish hard, as the 2017 season of Sportsman's Adventures takes you to new destinations with the best fishing professionals in Florida, and the world!



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