Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report

      The Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report is the only fishing show on the market designed to provide current fishing information to you, the viewer. Each week our regional captains gather information for their respective areas using a combination of firsthand observations, observations from other fishing captains and guides and reports from anglers and our viewers to compile a summary of the best bites taking place in their area.


      Each of the 26 shows has a specific theme species. Along with facts and information on catching that species, each of the regional reporters will tell you how and where to target and catch that theme species in their individual regions. Along with those regional reports of the theme species, each regional reporter will pick two inshore and two offshore bites to talk about based on the reports he’s received that week. Through these reports, the viewer will be exposed to the best bites taking place in that region. Finally, the regional reporter will provide one inshore and one offshore “Hot Spot,” a fishing location they’d like to share with the viewers as their best bet for the upcoming weekend. Those locations have bites taking place that will likely last for several days.


      Each regional reporter on the Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report is hand-selected by Captain Rick Murphy, and is one of the top authorities on fishing in that area of the state. Many of the regional reporters are nationally known experts on fishing in Florida waters.


      Other featured segments on the Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report include a new product segment hosted by Dave Farrell, Editor of Marlin Magazine, a tackle guide to targeting the theme species and biological information about that species.


      Brie Gabrielle, Miss Florida USA 2016 co-hosts with Captain Rick Murphy, taking viewers across the Florida as they examine the fishing in each of the nine regions.


The Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report runs 26 weeks from April through September, on Fox Sports Sun.

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