Episode Six: Chub Wahoo | Sportsman's Adventures

Episode Six: Chub Wahoo


Welcome to Sportsman’s Adventures from the beautiful Bahamas! Captain Rick Murphy and special guests Tom Mackin and Mark Fisher will join Ian Radimaker on his new Contender 33 for some wintertime Wahoo fishing on a slick calm, picture perfect day. Our journey begins at Chub Cay, a small tropical island in the Berry chain. Chub Cay is located just 150-miles southeast of Miami and has long been regarded as one of the premier blue water fishing destinations in the world. The water off Chub is called the tongue of the ocean because it’s here where the deep purple waters meet the clear and shallow Bahama Banks. It’s here where these sleek zebra striped speedsters …grow extra large… ! The lures too are large and the hooks…double. We troll the edge where the water drops off into the abyiss…. Rick is up first…