Episode Seven: Permit Tagging | Sportsman's Adventures

Episode Seven: Permit Tagging

Sportsman's Adventures 2011 / Episode 7

On today’s Sportsman’s Adventures we travel to one of Florida’s finest fishing grounds. The fabled waters of Miami’s Biscayne Bay where shallow water angling reigns supreme, is where we find Capt Rick Murphy, Capt Joe Gonzales and our special guest, Al Perkinson from Costa. The silver king, the grey ghost and the elusive permit are the real stars here and it is the permit, the spookiest and most elusive of the famous three that we target this morning…Costa has teamed up with the Bonefish Tarpon Trust to launch a multi-year Permit Research Program here in Florida. This entire project is being funded by Costa . The Permit Tagging Project will be a statewide effort encouraging guides and anglers to tag their permit catches so that scientist will be able to learn more about this never-before studied fish.