Episode Nine: Trigger X Tarpon | Sportsman's Adventures

Episode Nine: Trigger X Tarpon

Sportsman's Adventures 2011 / Episode 9

On today’s Sportsman’s Adventures we travel deep into the Florida Everglades to test our tackle on one of Florida’s premier shallow water game fish. It’s springtime here in the Glades and that means tarpon season is full on ! Captain Rick Murphy is no stranger to this unique and watery wilderness…and for this adventure, he has brought along as our special guests, the Rapala Lure Company’s top tackle testing team. Led by Rapala President Tom Mackin , VP Greg Wollner and Director of Product Development, Mark Fisher, these guys really have it made !! The Rapala Lure Company is famous in the fishing world. It is a long established and venerable company whose lures have produced a long list of world record catches. The Rapala team is here in the Florida Everglades testing out a new product called Trigger X. This biodegradable, artificial soft bait is designed to attract specific game fish. Their natural shapes and colors present the exact profile and action of live bait. These lures contain Ultra bite Pheromones, which is an attractant that triggers the fish to feed…..and hey, it works!