Episode Seven: Bahama Bones | Sportsman's Adventures

Episode Seven: Bahama Bones

Sportsman's Adventures 2009 / Episode 7

Today's Sportsman’s Adventures takes us to the remote out islands of the Bahamas where Capt. Rick Murphy will fish a tiny group of cays in the Berry Island chain. We'll glide over the clear shallow flats searching for the schools of bonefish that come in waves with the rising of the tide. We call this adventure, Bonefishing 101, because Rick will attempt to catch these wary fish on spin tackle using bait and jigs as well as fly fishing. Bonefish may be the ultimate in shallow water, salt water, fishing. You must first see the fish before you can cast to it, sometimes from as much as 100 feet away. You take aim and cast with precision... with this spooky fish, there is no room for error... Rick will try to catch the first fish using shrimp for bait.