Episode Two: Benny Reds | Sportsman's Adventures

Episode Two: Benny Reds


On today’s Sportsman’s Adventures we join two of South Florida’s top captains, Rick Murphy and his special guest, Capt. Benny Blanco, on a breezy summer day in their favorite fishing hole. Located on the very southern tip of mainland Florida is the remote outpost of Flamingo. For back country, light tackle fishing…there is no place like Flamingo. It’s the place where Captain Rick and Capt Benny both learned to love fishing…where they learned to fine tune their craft, and it’s the place where both return most often like a home away from home. The miles and miles of shallow water flats teem with huge schools of redfish during the late summer months. This is sight fishing at its best but today’s overcast conditions will make it tough….. It’s a good thing these guys know these waters so well.