Episode Eight: Bahamas Trigger X | Sportsman's Adventures

Episode Eight: Bahamas Trigger X


Welcome to Sportsman’s Adventures from the Bahamas! Its’ tackle testing time… and where better than the remote island chain called the Berry’s. There are hundreds of very fishy square miles of shallow water with small channels that criss cross the flats and banks. These are perfect highways for the many species of snapper and grouper that regularly patrol these under-water-ways. Having a good chartplotter on board really helps you to figure out the areas you are going to explore and fish. Experience has taught us to rely on Hummingbird’s chartplotter for its’ top notch performance. For Capt. Rick Murphy, this trip will also be a homecoming….you see Capt Rick has a home here on Chub Cay and grew up fishing these same waters. So today…Rick will be testing some new lures by Rapala….they’re called Trigger X. For Rick, this will be a chance to do some homework!