Episode Ten: Everglades Eric | Sportsman's Adventures

Episode Ten: Everglades Eric


Today’s Sportsman’s Adventures takes us deep into the watery wilderness of Florida’s last great frontier. The Ten Thousands Islands and Everglades National Park are located in the most remote section of Florida’s southern mainland. This vast area is defined by hundreds of twisting creeks, wide rivers and quiet bays, all lined by thousands of mangrove trees and mangrove islands.
Capt Rick Murphy and our special guest, Capt Eric Herstedt, have spent a lifetime fishing here … where the fresh waters of the Everglades meet the salty waters of the Gulf.
The air is cold on this late winter morning and for the long and fast boat ride , we are dressed like bank robbers. Snook are lethargic when the water temps are low but as the sun rises and warms…so do the fishermen and…..the fish!