Episode Ten: Sarasota Redfish | Sportsman's Adventures

Episode Ten: Sarasota Redfish

Sportsman's Adventures 2010 / Episode 10

On today’s Sportsman’s Adventures we travel to Florida’s west coast to enjoy dawns early light with Capt Rick Murphy and his special guest Capt Geoffrey Page. The redfish is one of Florida’s best conservation stories. These fish were nearly wiped out in the seventies and eighties but thanks to the FWC and some sound fisheries management, the redfish stocks are stronger than ever. The redfish success story has generated two of the hottest fishing tournaments and these have been sweeping the southeastern US. The very popular Inshore Fishing Association Redfish Tour and the ESPN Redfish Cup attracts top anglers and guides from around the country. Capt Rick Murphy and his tournament partner, Capt. Geoffrey Page are regulars on the Redfish Tournament circuit and regulars in the winner’s circle. The redfish tour is making its way to Sarasota Bay so it’s only natural that these two would get together for a day of pre-fishing…scout ‘em out…find out what’s working…