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Sponsorship Opportunities




“Yamaha has been the Presenting Sponsor of Sportsman’s Adventures since 1994. And when Florida Fishing Report (now Florida Insider Fishing Report) debuted in 2004, we jumped aboard. Rick has grown his career, particularly in the Florida market, by being a highly knowledgeable, credible and successful professional. We are proud to have him represent us.” –– Dale Barnes, Division Manager Marketing, Yamaha Marine Group


A Plan to Meet Your Goals and Budget

     Our highly rated shows attract sponsors from some of the most-respected companies in the world––and the association is reciprocal. Together, we all benefit from being in the company of winners. 

     Whether you prefer conventional advertising or content-driven marketing, a la carte options or all-inclusive packages, we work with you to create a sponsorship that meets your objectives and budget.


Other Ways We Support You

      •Attend industry-related events to keep your brand in the public eye.

      •Send out weekly e-blasts to 262,000+ followers.

      •Promote contests and special events.

      •Upload episodes of Sportsman’s Adventures to website/YouTube as soon as

         they air and archive past episodes. 

      •Use the latest social media strategies to build and maintain brand presence.


A Boatload of Choices

     When it comes to sponsorships, opportunities range from billboards and commercials to closed captioning and special segments. Sponsorship packages start as low as $10,000, and can be customized to meet your advertising objectives while boosting your ROI.

     RM Media owns the commercial inventory on Sportsman’s Adventures. For sponsorship specifics, including demographics and pricing, request a copy of our Sportsman’s Adventures brochure by calling 305-246-0673 or emailing Kathy@RMMedia.com.


Watch Sportsman's Adventures on Pursuit and Fox Sports Sun.

Destination America - Discovery Channel


            Pursuit Channel: 

        January – June:   1st & 2nd Quarter (New Season) 

        4 shows per week 

                                                Sunday 7:30 pm ~ Tuesday 6:00 pm

                                                Thursday 9:30 am ~ Saturday 6:30 am 

                                                 Total of 104 shows

                                                         Fox Sports Sun: 

                                                  Airs during the Fox Sports Sun Outdoor Block

                                                  April – September 2nd & 3rd Quarter (New Season Begins)

                                                  3 shows per week 

                                                  Sunday 8:00 pm ~ Thursday 6:30 am ~ Friday 11:00 am

                                                  Total of 78 shows

                                                  October - March 4th & 1st Quarter (Season Repeats)

                                                  3 Times a week 

                                                  Sunday 8:00 pm ~ Thursday 6:30 am ~ Friday 11:00 am

                                                  Total of 78 shows



 Pursuit Channel & Fox Sports Sun: 260 Total Shows